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Fire Marshal/ Emergency Management


Our Mission


The mission of the Robeson County Fire Marshal/ Emergency Management is to protect life, property and the environment through a partnership effort between local, state and federal agencies through effective leadership in emergency response, planning, recovery, training and mitigation.  Also, to preserve and protect public health and safety in Robeson County through the enforcement of the N.C. Building Code Volume V, Fire Prevention.  Provide technical assistance to fire departments, the public, industry and schools in obtaining these goals.  Assist with the investigation into cause and origin of fires in Robeson County.

Contact Information


Fire Marshal / Emergency Management Director - Stephanie Chavis
Email:  stephanie.chavis@co.robeson.nc.us


Assistant Emergency Management Director - Mattie L. Caulder
Email:  mattie.caulder@co.robeson.nc.us

Fire Inspector - Justin M. Hunt
Email:  justin.hunt@co.robeson.nc.us


Administrative Assistant - Brandy Oxendine

Email:  brandy.oxendine@co.robeson.nc.us


38 Legend Drive
Lumberton, NC  28358


Office Numbers


Fax Numbers

Office Hours

Monday- Friday: 8:15-5:15

Download 3 Day Supply List & Shelter Locations



Major Projects


Robeson County Search & Rescue Team


Chartered March 1986 – A Non-Profit Organization


Our mission is to provide the best land search capabilities possible for the citizens of not only Robeson County also any person or persons needing land search assistance.  Our goal is to provide a quick response which lessens our search area efforts.  This also provides for a successful and efficient search technique.  We search for clues, not the subject!  The best way to find someone is to find where they are not.  Clues will lead to the lost subject.


Contact the Sheriff’s office just as soon as you determine someone is missing.  24 hours is not the law and is too long for a person to be missing before authorities are notified.  The search and Rescue Team consists of 28 members.

Robeson County Firemen’s Association Meeting Schedule

Robeson County ISO ratings

Fee Schedule for Fire Inspections

Fire Prevention Form 1 permit application

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)


Robeson County Special Needs Registry


The Robeson County Special Needs Registry is a voluntary registry of individuals who would require assistance in the event of an emergency.  This assistance could be as simple as advising a person of a situation in the vicinity of their residence to those who need evacuation assistance in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.  This registry alerts emergency responders as to a resident’s address and gives them the vital information they need to better meet the resident’s needs.  It is important that emergency personnel know where to find you, and how best to meet some of your requirements during a disaster requiring evacuation. 

Participation in the registry is voluntary and all information is strictly confidential, used only for emergency purposes.

Eligible individuals need only to complete the form and return it to the:



Robeson County Department of Social Services, Service Program Administrator

ATTN: Special Needs Registry

120 Glen Cowan Road, Lumberton, NC  28360. 



You can also come to the office located at:

Robeson County Emergency Management

38 Legend Drive, Lumberton, NC  28358


Business hours, or calling our office at (910) 671-3150.

Resource Links

3 Day Supply List

Pet Plan

Special Needs Registry

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NC State Firemen’s Association - www.ncsfa.com

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Federal Emergency Management Agency -  www.fema.gov  

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Ready North Carolina - www.readync.gov

North Carolina Search & Rescue - https://www.ncdps.gov/emergency-management/search-rescue/urban-search-rescue

North Carolina Search and Rescue – www.ncdps.gov/Emergency-Management/Search-Rescue


Links for Kids and Teachers

FEMA for kids link - https://www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/documents/34288

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