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Employee Benefits


Nutritional program offered to Robeson County Employees



Leave is earned based on years of service as listed below for employees:

Less than 5 years                                    12 days per year (8 hrs. per month)
5 years but less than 10 years              15 days per year (10 hrs. per month)
10 years but less than 15 years            18 days per year (12 hrs. per month)
15 years but less than 20 years            21 days per year (14 hrs. per month)
20 years but less than 25 years            24 days per year (16 hrs. per month)
25 years or more                                     27 days per year (18 hrs. per month)

Note: If an employee accumulates over 240 hours of vacation time by the end of the calendar year, the excess hours are automatically transferred to their sick leave balance.



An employee earns 8 hours sick leave each month (12 days per year). Robeson County accepts sick leave balances from other state and local government agencies.



An employee receives 10-11 paid holidays annually. (See Holiday Schedule)



Non-exempt employees receive time and a half for hours worked over 40 hours in a week.  Law enforcement and Jail employees earn time and a half after working 171 hours within a month. EMS employees earn time and a half after working 171 hours within a month.



Employees are allowed up to 4 hours of PCL Leave, for prenatal visits to the doctor after six months employment. This is for expectant fathers also.  The employee must work on the day of the visit and return to work following the visit, with the exception that they depart from the doctor’s office at or after the end of the work day.  A return to work note is required and must include the patients name, time of arrival and their departure. This note must also include the provider’s signature. The travel time to and from appointment may be charged as sick and vacation leave.



Coverage is provided for employees injured due to work-related accidents and illnesses.


Medical Insurance is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina PPO Blue Option Plan and HSA.

Employee (FT)

$718.84 – Premium paid by the County
$75.00 Employee contribution (Premium is waived if employee is enrolled in the Employee Wellness Program.

One Child

$180.09 – Premium paid by the Employee
$75.00  - Premium is waived if employee is enrolled in the Employee Wellness Program.


$333.89 – Premium paid by the Employee
$75.00 Premium is waived if employee is enrolled in the Employee Wellness Program.


Medical Claims and Benefits                      1-877-258-3334
Mental Health/Substance Abuse               1-800-359-2422


Health Insurance -PPO

Primary Care Office Visits                            $20.00
Specialist Office Visits                                   $40.00
Urgent Care/ER                                              $40.00/$150.00
Routine Vision Exam                                     $20.00
Prescription Drug                                          $0.00/$35.00/$50.00
Mental Health / Substance Abuse              Covered


Health Insurance – HSA 
County Contributes $850.00
Employee deductible In-Network
Employee only                                                $1,500.00
Family                                                               $3,000.00


Total Out of Pocket Max
Employee only                                                 $3,500.00
Family                                                                $5,000.00


Primary Care Office Visits                              $80% after deductible
Prevent Care (Preventive Diagnosis Only)   100% no deductible
Urgent Care/ER                                                $80 % after deductible
Routine Vision Exam                                       $80% after deductible
Prescription Drugs                                          $80% after deductible
Mental Health/Substance Abuse                  $80% after deductible



Payments are made annually based on the following scale:

5 years but less than 10 years                1% of Annual Salary
10 years but less than 15 years              2% of Annual Salary
15 years but less than 20 years              3% of Annual Salary
20 years but less than 25 years              4% of Annual Salary

25 years or more                                       5% of Annual Salary


Note: All eligible employees must still be actively employed with the county as of November 30th of each eligible year to qualify for Longevity payments.

Term Life Insurance: One America

Life insurance is provided for county employees as follows;

$10,000 per Employee
$20,000 per Law Enforcement Officer
$25,000 per Department Manager/Public Official


  • Optional dependent life insurance will cost an employee ¢.40 per unit monthly.

  • Spouse

  • Eligible Children


Direct Deposit:  Full Time
The convenience for monthly paycheck deposited directly into your bank account.


The Prudential North Carolina Supplement
Retirement Plans (401k & 457b) provides supplemental retirement income for employees who wish to invest in a tax-sheltered opportunity.  The County contributes a percentage of gross salary into the 401(k) plan as follows:

Regular Employee  4%
Law Enforcement    5%



Retirement benefits are provided by the Local Government System for employees.  Employees contribute 6% of their annual salary to their retirement. After five years of service employees are vested.


Department of State Treasurer
NC Retirement Systems
3200 Attlantic Ave
Raleigh, North Carolina 27604
Telephone: (919) (877) 627-3287
(919) 855-5800 – Fax


Travel Reimbursement
Work related travel is reimbursed at .40 cents per mile. Beginning January 1, 2010 it will change to .45 cents per mile.  See Travel Policy for more details.

Optional Voluntary Benefits

Dental Insurance—Dental insurance is provided by Ameritas. Employees may elect to purchase dental insurance at the following rate:


  • Employee                            $32.21

  • Employee/Spouse             $61.40

  • Employee/Children           $78.70

  • Family                                 $107.92

  • (Employee/Spouse/Child(ren)


Mark III Brokerage, Inc. —Provides the County Section 125 Cafeteria Pre-Tax Plan and also offers the following: Accident, Cancer, Dental, Short Term Disability, Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Medical and Day Care Spending Reimbursement, and Vision Care,critical illness & long term disability plan.

Credit Union Services—Employees can elect to participate in the State or Local Government Credit Union.


State Credit Union—Department of Social Services & Health Department

Local Government—All other County Departments


For further information regarding Robeson County Human Resources Benefits or any other questions, please contact the following:


Robeson County Administrative Building
701 North Elm Street
Lumberton, NC 28358
Tel: (910) 671-3016
Fax: (910) 671 6224
Jobs Line: (910) 671-6289


Robeson County is an equal Opportunity Employer

Revised 2/9/2017

Friday 15. Sep 2017




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