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Robeson County 

Department of Social Services

Robeson County Department of Social Services
120 Glen Cowan Road

Lumberton, NC 28360
State Courier#:14-92-04
(910) 671-3500 / Fax: (910) 671-3092
Child Protective Services Fax: (910) 737-5058

Robeson County DSS has created a central email address for Aged, Blind, Disabled, and Deductible Medicaid beneficiaries to be able to email their verifications required at recertification to their caseworker.  


If you receive a communication from The Robeson County Medicaid Department requesting information for recertification and are provided the following email address, you may email your verifications to this email address. You are still able to provide your verifications via in-person visit, or US Postal service.  This is just another way for our  Aged, Blind, Disabled, and Deductible Medicaid beneficiaries to provide your verifications. 

Food & Nutrition Services

Program Description: Food and Nutrition Services provides monetary assistance to households with limited income to purchase food. You can now apply for Food and Nutrition Services benefits (FNS) with North Carolina ePASS online.

Director - Velvet Nixon


Director’s Secretary -  Tracy Wiggins


Accounting Specialist II - Faye Lovell
(910) 671-3752


Personnel Officer - Tammy Kitson
(910) 671-3526


Services Program Administrator - Connie Oxendine
(910) 671-3717


Child Protective Services Program Manager - Tina Barnes-Dawson
(Investigations & Intake)
(910) 671-3564
Fax(910) 737-5058


FNS/Energy/TANF Program Manager -  Linda Leggett

(910) 671-6201

Child Protective Services Program Manager - Denise Fann
(Case Management)
(910) 671-3716
Fax(910) 737-5058


Adoption and Foster Care Program Manager - Dawn Gavasci
(910) 671-3708

Adult Services Program Manager - Teresa Hargett

(910) 671-3168


Child Support Program Manager - Anthony Dial
(910) 671-3777

Medicaid and Program Integrity Program Manager - Gene Downing

(910) 671-3571

Medical Transportation Coordinator - Margaret Rising

Daycare Supervisor - Linda Leggett
(910) 671-3756 (910) 671-6201


The COVID-19 Federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) provided NC Medicaid beneficiaries continuous (ongoing) Medicaid health coverage.


With the passage of Omnibus Bill in December 2022, states are no longer required to maintain continuous Medicaid coverage beginning April 1, 2023.


This means states must start redetermining eligibility for all Medicaid beneficiaries.


North Carolina will begin the renewal (recertification) process for Medicaid beneficiaries April 1, 2023.


Recertifications will be completed over the next 12 months as beneficiaries are up for renewal.


After several years of continuous Medicaid coverage during the PHE, Medicaid recertification could result in a beneficiary’s termination or reduction of benefits. 



We Encourage you to do the following:


Update your contact information

You should make sure their local DSS has your current mailing address, phone number, email or other contact information.


Check your mail
The Local DSS will mail you a letter if you need to complete a renewal form to see if you still qualify for Medicaid.


Complete the renewal form (if you get one)
If you receive a renewal form, you should fill out the form and return it to DSS right away to help avoid a gap in your Medicaid coverage.


For questions about Medicaid eligibility, beneficiaries can find helpful information at their local DSS or on the NC Medicaid Beneficiary webpage.

If beneficiaries no longer qualify for Medicaid, they may qualify for health care coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.To learn more, go to or call 1-800-318-2596 (TTY: 1-855-889-4325).

To learn more about other affordable health care options, beneficiaries can also visit the NC Navigator Consortium at

Keep up to date with the latest news by following the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Robeson County DSS Board:

DSS Board Members

  • Dr. Derick Coe….Board Chair                   

  • Mr. Lance Herndon....Board Vice Chair    

  • Mrs. Pauline Campbell

  • Mrs. Stephanie Britt ​

  • Mr. Mitchell "Bosco" Locklear

Board of Commissioners

  • Wixie Stephens....Chairman

  • Tom Taylor....Vice Chairman

  • Pauline Campbell

  • John Cummings

  • Faline Dial

  • David Edge

  • Lance Herndon

  • Judy Sampson


NC Legislative Delegation: House

  • Brenden Jones

  • Charles Graham

NC Legislative Delegation: Senate

  • Danny E. Britt, Jr

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